A Vintage Relationship Celebrated

Amidst the 2003 Australian grape harvest decline, a new wine partnership was produced which over the last 11 years has continued to mature with age.

It was the year Northline started transporting wines for the iconic Australian winemaker Peter Lehmann.

Northline Chief Executive Officer Craige Whitton said initially Peter Lehmann Wines chose us purely because of our competitive freight service and regular service to the Barossa.

“While remaining competitive we’ve been able to grow the relationship to the point where we now provide Peter Lehmann with a complete solution which includes warehousing and stock monitoring through our Warehouse Management System,” said Mr Whitton.

“Northline has been able to support Peter Lehmann through changes in the wine retail sector and provide a solution suited to the needs of Australia’s two major supermarkets.”

“Today, more than 75% of all Peter Lehmann freight carried by Northline heads to Coles and Woolworths and this requires a responsive warehousing and transport solution.”

We thank Peter Lehmann for their ongoing support and look forward to a continued strong relationship.

Peter Lehmann’s CEO, Jeff Bond (pictured above) said Northline, like Peter Lehmann, is a South Australian based company with national and international reach.

“We value the relationship we’ve developed with them over the last 11 years and they’ve become an important business partner who understand us and have evolved with our needs,” said Jeff Bond.