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    16 June 2024

    Get to know graduate Sophie Zaini

    Originally from Singapore, Sophie first came to Australia to visit her uncle in Melbourne and fell in love with the country. It was a trip that turned her world upside down, prompting her to make the huge decision to move to Australia long term to complete her degree and set out on her career journey.

    Having studied a Bachelor of Business with a major in International Management and Logistics at Charles Darwin University, Sophie has since made Darwin her new home and will be Northline’s first graduate to complete her operational rotations in Darwin.

    Excited to embark on this new adventure, Sophie tells us more about herself and her thoughts on the program so far.

    Why did you apply to the Northline Graduate Program?

    After graduating from university, I felt like I needed more experience in the Logistics industry and that’s how I came across Northline’s Graduate Program. It’s a great way to step into the corporate world with all the support and guidance a graduate could need.

    Northline offers all types of rotations, so graduates get experience in everything from Customer Service to Human Resources, Operations and everything in between. It will help me to establish what my future career in the industry will look like.

    Northline’s program stood out to me because it’s a family business, and after leaving my family and life in Singapore, it was really important to me that I could work somewhere that feels like home. Northline welcomes new employees with open arms and prioritises employee wellbeing which in turn motivates employee morale and productivity. I love that everyone’s door is always open if you need to talk or need support. I thought I was dreaming when I met Craige Whitton, the CEO during my interview! I have never known a business where the CEO knows everyone by name and takes the time out of his schedule to welcome employees.

    What do you hope to achieve during your time at Northline?

    For now, I want to focus on getting as much experience and exposure as I can in each department and really understand how the industry works. I want to fully immerse myself in everything Northline, to understand how they help customers every step of the way.

    What department are you looking forward to working in the most? (Past or future)

    Before starting the program the only department I have experienced was Human Resources, so I’m looking forward to that rotation because I know that I can already work confidently. However, I am most looking forward to any of the operational rotations because that’s where I will learn firsthand just how much goes into moving freight from A to B. I’m excited to learn how to drive a forklift too!

    What has been your favourite moment at Northline so far?

    I can say that every department has its unique way of getting things around, but night shifts have been fun so far as it is my first time working through the night and spending most of my time on the forklifts helping as much as I can. Overall, I can say that every rotation in Darwin is incredible. 

    Everyone that I have worked with is amazing and has been helpful ensuring that I can understand everything that they do in Operations.

    What are your plans for after the program?

    Like I said before, at the moment I am just focusing on learning as much as possible and absorbing as much knowledge as I can. But I hope to make a career within Northline, and I am sure that during the rotations it will become clearer which department I would like to make a career in. The logistics world is very broad and there are so many career paths that I could take.