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    Project Logistics

    Northline can solve your complex logistics challenges.

    Our Project Logistics team is dedicated to planning, developing and delivering tailored project solutions for individual customer requirements.

    We work closely with you from initial feasibility, project scoping and investigation, through to project delivery and completion.

    Our track record of delivery in rural and remote Australia has led us to developing industry-leading expertise in the renewable energy market, mining, construction, oil and gas industries, where safety and compliance are fundamental.

    Project logistics for solar farm manufacturer.


    Within these industries, we’ve established dedicated warehousing, inventory management and distribution solutions, specific to our customers’ needs.

    We’ve also supported some of Australia’s biggest infrastructure projects within these industries, from small project components to entire large-scale facilities.

    • Managing oversized and heavy lift cargo
    • Container destuffing of project components
    • Batched delivery to support phased construction projects.

    Customer Service

    Our customers are supported by an Australian-based Customer Service Centre, internal and external sales executives, key account managers and skilled teams of domestic and international logistics coordinators to ensure customers’ end to end service requirements are met.

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