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    21 May 2024

    How to unlock Northline’s global network throughout the supply chain and beyond  

    As a Northline customer, you have access to our international network of more than 100 countries and national footprint encompassing 18 strategically located depots across major cities and remote locations in Australia offering over 130,000m2 of warehousing space.

    Our team of experienced international freight experts, including in-house Licensed Customs Brokers, will ensure the smooth passage of freight across jurisdictions as well as compliance with local regulations.

    What’s more, you are supported by an Australian-based Customer Service Centre, internal and external sales executives and key account managers to ensure your needs are met every step of the way.

    Combining these key elements of the business gives you the ability and flexibility to find a tailored solution that meets your specific requirements and evolving market demands.

    If you have products to stow, Northline’s Warehousing and Distribution service is a cost-effective way to manage and store products by only paying for the space and resources needed. Northline’s offering includes:

    • Supply chain management and 3PL distribution
    • National and international freight forwarding
    • Import and export services
    • International Tariff Consultancy and customs clearance
    • Wharf cartage and container deconsolidation
    • Quarantined warehousing and HACCP accreditation
    • ISO 9001, 14001 & 45001
    • Inventory management with customisable and flexible integration via EDI and API
    • Local and interstate distribution to anywhere in the world
    • Remote location services
    • Freight consolidation for final mile deliveries
    • Ongoing provision of services

    Whether your freight starts or ends in an international city, small town or remote corner of Australia, you can rely on Northline to deliver.