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    10 July 2024

    Integration specifications for EDI and API now available online

    To streamline the integration process with account holders and, create greater efficiencies when dealing with us, customers can now access our integration specification documentation online.

    Our ability to connect customers through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Application Programming Interfaces (API) remains the same, however, information is now readily available at

    What can EDI and API do?

    EDI allows for the automated transfer of digital documents and details between two parties in a standardised format. Meanwhile, API provides specific instructions enabling software applications to communicate with each other.

    What does this mean for you?

    Both EDI and API integration are digital solutions that increase efficiency and create a standardised way of communicating data.

    Advantages of integrating with Northline via EDI include:

    • Greater efficiencies by eliminating manual data entry
    • Reduced costs associated with mailing and labour fees
    • Increased security during transfer, lowering the risk of cyber threats

    Advantages of integrating with Northline via API include:

    • Saving time by automating repeated tasks and streamlining workflows
    • Having efficient data handling that isn’t reliant on manual intervention
    • Flexibility and scalability which enables seamless integration with other systems and multiple services at the same time

    How to integrate with Northline?

    If you have the capability and would like to integrate with Northline via either option or via our online portal, Connect, please speak with our Integration team at [email protected]