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    International Freight Management Customer Portal

    Northline customers have access to our International Freight Management customer portal via our website.

    Whatever the location, customers can track their freight with Northline’s customer portal via our operating software.

    Key Features

    Real-time visibility on demand

    See everything you need to know about your shipment all in one place. Find departure and arrival times, manage notifications, documents, invoices, and more. 

    Optimise your business

    Save time, reduce manual operations and increase efficiency with our intuitive, easy to use digital platform.

    Easier exceptions management 

    Increase efficiency with a centralised view of exceptions, paired with custom in-app notifications, reminders and automated email alerts.

    Centralised documents

    Access shipment documents with a new level of visibility. Upload/download shipment documents directly, while automatic notifications alert you anytime there are document updates

    Analytics and insights

    Analyse and optimise your supply chain with new, easy-to-use reporting.


    Demonstration for Customers

    Northline offers a demonstration of the International Freight Management customer portal via the following platforms as well as over the phone.

    For further information please contact your Account Manager or email [email protected]

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