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    23 August 2023

    Navigating the Tropical North for over 18 years

    In 2005, Northline expanded into the tropical north, capitalising on the region’s high population growth. Seeing North Queensland as a strategic destination, the business set out ‘to be the best, not the biggest’.

    Northline opened a new base in Townsville as part of a $3.25 million investment over three years and acted as a staging post for serving the logistics needs of the area, in particular after Cyclone Larry hit in 2005.

    During that year, Northline demonstrated its commitment to the community by helping the Queensland Department of Education and Arts organise and deliver donated resources to schools in affected areas and provide logistical support to the recovery operation.

    A few years later, in 2008, the company expanded once again. This time into Cairns. To lead the operation, Northline appointed a Queensland-native freight specialist and current Branch Manager North Queensland, Steve Mulley, to tailor their services and help them meet local conditions, making it easier for businesses to get supplies.

    By 2016, the company had set their sights on Mackay and announced its commitment to the region by opening a new distribution centre. Having already had a presence in Mackay for 15 years, Northline understood what they needed to be successful in the coastal city.

    The new Mackay facility gave Northline a strategic network of dedicated Queensland transport and logistics facilities from Brisbane up to Cairns, with each facility servicing the entire State which includes many hard-to-reach remote and regional areas.

    Today, Northline have effectively navigated the tropical north for over 18 years.