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    Service Updates

    Flooding impacts affecting services in Northern New South Wales


    Further to Northline’s Service Update on Thursday 31 March, we would like to provide you with an update on services that are still impacted. 

    Services in Lismore and surrounding areas affected by flooding will resume on Thursday 7 April. 

    We anticipate that there will be delays to delivery times due to the backlog of freight, so we do ask you to please bear with us.

    Thank you again for your cooperation and patience during this time. 

    Flooding impacts affecting services in Northern New South Wales


    Please be advised that due to flooding in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales, freight services in Lismore and surrounding areas have been intermittently suspended, resulting in freight being held until next week at this stage.

    Further rainfall is predicted in these areas over the coming week and is quickly moving south, bringing flood risk to the Mid North Coast. These weather events have also caused major road closures between Byron Bay and Coffs Harbour and will likely continue to impact services across the region over the coming days.

    We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as required.

    Your Account Manager will be in touch to discuss with you any impacted consignments and receivers. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Customer Service on 1300 722 534.

    New South Wales floods and further impacts to interstate rail services


    With rains continuing in the Sydney area, we are now experiencing outages across the interstate rail network.
    There are numerous areas requiring emergency track repairs, subsequently closing the rail network in these impacted areas:
    Westbound Services
    Tracks are closed and bookings are cancelled on the East to West corridor until Tuesday 15 March 2022 at this stage:

    • Sydney to/from Perth

    In an attempt to mitigate impacts to services and lead times, we will engage and operate road services on these routes as contingencies. As a result, delays to freight services will likely occur.

    Please contact our Customer Service team on 1300 722 534 or alternatively your Account Manager for any urgent requirements.

    Flooding Impacts Affecting Services in New South Wales


    Due to the continuation of heavy rainfall, there are various flooding impacts being experienced across New South Wales. As a result, there will be some delays to services until flooding subsides.
    Key updates are as follows:

    • Services remain suspended to the areas of Lismore and Ballina.
    • Linehaul into Wollongong and Nowra were unable to pass on Monday 7 March 2022 with options being reviewed to resume deliveries.
    • Localised flooding in Sydney is impacting pick-ups and local operations.
    • Expect delays in the South Coast (Batemans Bay and Bega) as the East Coast Low hits that area.

    Road closures:

    • Hawkesbury – Windsor, Richmond, Pitt Town & Wisemans Ferry
    • Nepean – Penrith, Emu Plains, Cranebrook, Londonderry, Wallacia & Silverdale
    • South – Picton & Camden
    • Georges River – Milperra, East Hills & Chipping Norton

    We anticipate these impacts to continue over the coming days with more rainfall predicted and will endeavour to communicate further updates as required.

    Flooding Impacts Affecting Services To and From Northern New South Wales and Queensland


    Below is an update based on further developments of weather events in Northern New South Wales and Queensland:

    Rail Services

    • The continuation of severe weather events has caused further delays to recovery and track repairs.
    • Given the severity of the incident and the current weather and ground conditions, it is anticipated the track will now remain closed until Monday 7 March 2022.
    • All Northbound services and bookings originating from Brisbane are cancelled up to and including Sunday 6 March 2022.
    • All Southbound services and bookings arriving into Brisbane are cancelled up to and including Sunday 6 March 2022.
    • If the track reopens earlier than anticipated, services and bookings will be reinstated.

    Road Services – Linehaul to/from Brisbane and North Queensland

    • The Bruce Highway remains closed in multiple areas due to flooding and dangerous driving conditions. It is yet to be determined when this will be reopened.
    • Due to ongoing recovery efforts into North Queensland, there is still no loading from Brisbane into North Queensland, Rockhampton, Toowoomba, and other regional areas. The opportunity to reengage these is assessed daily.
    • At this stage, services into the Sunshine Coast from Brisbane will not be operating until Monday 7 March 2022 as recovery efforts progress in these severely impacted areas.

    Local PUD Operations in South East Queensland

    • Gold Coast areas are operating at this stage with restrictions across a lot of areas. Please expect some delays as we continue to attempt to access pick-up and delivery points.
    • Our PUD fleet is currently operating at about 50% capacity based on both fleet and driver availability, with many staff and vehicles still unable to be mobile.

    Regional New South Wales

    • The Northern Rivers region has been severely impacted, in particular, Lismore with the town submerged underwater.
    • No services will be operating this week into these areas. We will continue to provide updates when available.
    • Services will resume into the Grafton area from tonight. These services will also be impacted due to many road closures and localised flooding. Please expect a slower service.
    • With these weather events moving south, other areas continue to come under pressure including Ballina and Casino which will be impacted later today.

    Northline will provide further updates as the situation eases and services resume. For the latest updates, please visit

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service team on 1300 722 534 or alternatively your Account Manager.


    Please be advised that we are facing further network disruptions relating to the severe weather events in Northern New South Wales and South East and North Queensland.

    These weather events took place across the weekend and are anticipated to continue over the coming days, which will have significant impacts on services to and from these areas and regions.

    With many customers and businesses impacted by the circumstances, we too have limited access to both employees and vehicles until the situation stabilises.

    Some key updates are as follows:

    Linehaul into Brisbane/North Queensland

    • Rail services have been either stabled or cancelled due to rail outages and necessary track repairs or assessments – at this stage, the track will remain closed until at least Wednesday 2 March 2022
    • The Bruce Highway is also closed at multiple points, stopping road services until these are reopened
    • Road linehaul movements entering or leaving Queensland are currently severely restricted/suspended

    Deliveries into and out of regional New South Wales

    • Pick-up and delivery services in these areas will be impacted until clean-up efforts are concluded and roads in impacted areas reopened
    • There is major flooding from the Sunshine Coast through to Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and now Lismore, Grafton, and heading towards Coffs Harbour. Many roads in the area have been closed
    • Lismore and Grafton are being evacuated and no linehaul has been sent over the weekend. At this stage, it will be halted until Tuesday 1 March 2022
    • Coffs Harbour has many roads already cut off and no linehaul has been sent over the weekend. At this stage, it will be halted until Tuesday 1 March 2022
    • We expect other areas to be impacted as the water flows south quickly. These areas could possibly include Tamworth and Dubbo

    Local and regional deliveries in South East and North Queensland

    • Due to the flooding issues and road closures around Brisbane and Ipswich we are being impacted by severely reduced staffing and local fleet
    • Deliveries and pick-ups will be minimal in Brisbane and some areas of North Queensland
    • We are unable to load out any Queensland country freight to Bundaberg, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, or the Toowoomba region until the network recovers in these areas – all of these areas have been cut off by flood waters

    We anticipate the situation changing over the coming days, where further updates will be published.

    For any of our customers or their suppliers that may be impacted by this, we wish you a speedy recovery. Please contact Customer Service on 1300 722 534 or alternatively your Account Manager for further updates.

    Flooding Impacts Affecting East to West Corridor & North to/from NT


    Effective today, Monday 21 February 2022, Northline is pleased to inform you that all levies in place due to the flooding impacts have been removed.

    Since the rail line reopened, we have begun to see freight moving freely and would appreciate your support during the coming days and weeks whilst our Operations team manage the movement and delivery of backlogged freight.

    The contingencies Northline have put in place has enabled us to keep freight moving, and we thank you again for your continued support.


    Northline is pleased to advise that ongoing repairs to the affected East-West and North-South rail lines have been completed and the rail lines are now back in operation.
    All sending states to/from NT & SA to WA
    Effective Tuesday 15 February 2022, all flood levies in place in these lanes have been lifted, with freight flowing normally.
    East to West (NSW & VIC to WA)
    With the rail line reopening, we are now in the process of working with rail operators to prioritise departing stabled trains and clearing container backlog in the terminals to enable safe and efficient loading and unloading. 
    Due to significant volumes of freight on these corridors, we will continue to engage and run additional road units to manage volumes and allow the rail services to recover. As such, the flood levies will remain in place for the remainder of this week, with the need for these to be constantly monitored in line with both volumes and network recovery.
    Please anticipate some service delays on these lanes as our operations clear the backlog from our East Coast depots and prepare for multi-modal freight volumes into Perth.
    We remain committed to removing the levies and clearing the backlog as quickly as possible and appreciate your continued patience and support.


    Thank you for your cooperation during what has been reported as a once in 200 year flood.

    Our Operations team are working hard to mitigate the impacts of the torrential rain and flooding events experienced in South Australia by finding alternative routes travelling to/from East-West and North-South. 

    Unfortunately, this has meant we have had to introduce a flood levy to recover costs associated with redirecting freight and handling the backlog in our depots.

    Although the North rail line connecting SA and NT remains closed, we are pleased to advise that a single lane section of the road north of Glendambo, SA has reopened (limited to heavy and high clearance vehicles between 7am – 7pm).

    As a result of this, Northline is now able to reduce the temporary flood surcharge for freight into and out of NT, effective Wednesday 9 February 2022 as follows: SA to/from NT to 33% and VIC to NT and NSW to Alice Springs to 35%. For details surrounding other locations, please discuss with your Account Manager.

    We would like to reassure you that the flood surcharge across our network is only temporary and we will continue to review as the rail track and roads are restored.

    An update on the East-West line: The Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) have announced that 14 of the 18 damaged sites have been restored, with the most severely impacted sites on schedule to be completed on 15 February 2022.

    Thank you again for your understanding.


    Since our last correspondence, the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) have announced that there is more damage than initially anticipated upon conducting aerial inspections of the rail track affecting East to West and South to North corridors.
    As a result, ARTC is unable to provide an exact date for when the rail line will reopen, however they have forecast that it will be between Monday 7 February and Saturday 12 February 2022.
    As an industry participant, we are working with our rail providers for solutions before the line opens. These considerations to keep moving freight include land-bridging, road-rail and ocean freight options while the line remains closed.
    At this stage, we will continue to collect consignments to minimise the impact as best we can.
    We understand that this is longer than anticipated and will communicate further updates to customers as new information arises.
    Please continue to work with your Account Manager to identify and manage any priority or urgent deliveries as required.
    Should you have any general enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service team.

    📷 Images provided by ARTC of areas impacted by flooding between Adelaide and Tarcoola, SA


    Please be advised that the East to West and South to North rail corridors impacted by flooding will remain closed until at least Monday 7 February 2022. In addition to this, some surrounding areas are also experiencing major road closures.

    The Australian Rail Track Corporation have released further details outlining the event with their key priority focused on reinstating infrastructure to enable safe passage of trains –  available here.

    In terms of service continuity, Northline will continue to collect consignments from our customers and engage additional road units where possible to send freight via road in an effort to clear the backlog.

    We ask that you please bear with us as we expect delays to be felt across consignments currently in the network and any new consignments on these impacted corridors until the track is reopened and the situation stabilises.

    Your Account Manager will be in contact with you to discuss the impacts and any potential alternative options for delivery.

    For general enquiries, please contact our Customer Service team on 1300 722 534.


    In light of recent developments, Northline would like to advise that the East to West corridor and North track between Port Augusta and Tarcoola, SA originally scheduled to reopen on Wednesday 26 January 2022 will now remain closed until at least Sunday 30 January 2022.
    Unfortunately, the impacted consignments will see further delays as suppliers navigate through the backlog of freight. Until then, all affected services have been cancelled.
    We will continue to monitor the situation and provide you with an update should any changes arise.
    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Account Manager.


    Due to severe rainfall and flooding events being experienced across Australia, please be advised of the following network outages across road and rail services: 

    Rail Closure – East to West Corridor & North to/from Northern Territory

    The rail network has been closed between Port Augusta and Tarcoola, SA on the East to West corridor affecting freight into and out of Perth and is scheduled to reopen late Wednesday 26 January 2022. Until then, all East to West services have been cancelled. 

    This closure is also impacting services to/from Northern Territory and has had an impact on pick-ups since Thursday 20 January 2022. Collected freight across any impacted corridor will be held until the track reopens.

    Road Closures – Eyre Peninsula and Far North, SA

    Road closures in the Far North and Eyre Peninsula have been recorded as of late Sunday 23 January 2022 with road services working on alternative routes.

    Please also refer to our website for an update on how COVID-19 related issues may have a further impact on our services.

    Northline will continue to communicate the status of the closures and impacts as they arise. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Account Manager.