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    4 February 2024

    What does warehousing and distribution involve?

    Warehousing and distribution are key components of the supply chain. Without them, many of the items that are delivered to your home, or your business wouldn’t reach their destination on time, if at all.

    What does the service involve? And if you’re a business looking for a warehousing and distribution provider, what are the key things to look for?

    Warehousing and distribution explained

    In simple terms, warehousing and distribution is exactly that, simple. It’s the process of temporarily storing products or surplus stock and then distributing these items to businesses and customers.

    A warehousing and distribution centre is the bridge between suppliers and customers. Therefore, speed and efficiency in getting products from point A to point B quickly, are key.

    What processes do warehouses use?

    1. Receiving goods from suppliers and manufacturers
    2. Storing the goods efficiently. This will consider various factors, such as the type of goods, size, quantity, handling requirements and demand
    3. Inventory management is vital to tracking stock levels, monitoring movements, replenishing stock, and maintaining inventory accuracy
    4. Pick items for orders when orders are received
    5. Packing and labelling to prepare items that are ordered for distribution

    What does distribution involve?

    1. Orders are received and then processed
    2. Transportation is planned to determine the most efficient and timely way to get the goods to the customers
    3. Goods are dispatched for transportation, and in some cases, this may involve more than one mode of transport (e.g. truck, plane, ship, train)
    4. Tracking is an important part of the process. At every stage of the distribution process, the goods need to be tracked and traced to allow customers and others to monitor the progress of orders

    In all warehousing and distribution processes, maintaining quality control is essential to ensure that goods meet the required standards and arrive without damage.

    Northline warehouse

    Choosing a warehousing and distribution service for your business

    If you’re looking for a warehousing and distribution service, what should you look for? How can you ensure the provider you choose will be an efficient and seamless partner in your supply chain?

    When looking at providers, look at aspects such as locations, storage capacity, technology and tracking capabilities, and the ability for the provider to scale and tailor their services to your needs. Other factors to consider are the provider’s customer service approach, experience, and reputation.

    Why choose Northline as your supply chain partner?

    • We operate a state-of-the-art, fully integrated network
    • We have 18 strategically located depots in six states and territories
    • We have over 130,000 square metres of warehousing capacity
    • We can tailor our warehousing and distribution to suit your needs
    • Our team has extensive experience in a variety of industries.
    • Our Warehouse Management System makes managing inventory and ordering easy
    • Clients can track orders in real-time via our online portal or our Track App
    • Customer service is one of our core values. We support our customers with a Customer Service Centre based in Australia, in addition to sales executives, account and business managers, and logistics officers and coordinators.
    • Our reputation in the industry is second to none

    Find out more about Northline’s warehousing and distribution