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    9 December 2021

    A Message from Northline CEO Craige Whitton

    I would like to personally thank all our customers (and our dedicated team) for their support during 2021.

    This year has undoubtedly been another challenging year for many of our customers and the transport and logistics industry as we have all navigated our way together through a continuously changing environment as a result of COVID-19.

    Like us, many of our customers operate nationally or in multiple states and territories, where specific rules and regulations have applied, and continued to change, which has made life that much more difficult.

    Despite these factors, Northline has continued to work hard for its customers, and we have appreciated the support we have received in return from you, particularly during the more challenging periods of the past few months.

    We remain optimistic that 2022 will be a more positive year for businesses across Australia and look forward to continuing our partnership with our customers in the new year. 

    We hope that you all have an enjoyable time over Christmas and New Year and manage to spend some valuable time relaxing with your family and friends.


    Craige Whitton