Northline continues to operate business as usual with precautionary measures in place to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19.

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28 April 2020

CEO Craige Whitton shares insights with The Advertiser Business

On Saturday 25 April, Craige Whitton shared insights with The Advertiser Business on how Northline continues to operate and service customers during this time.

“Northline chief executive Craige Whitton, pictured, said they had seen an increase in freight in the FMCG sector and pharmaceuticals, as well as lifestyle products such as home gym equipment. “As an essential service, Northline has been able to operate its domestic road and rail services and network of 13 branches across Australia largely as normal.

“Quieter roads have made transporting goods into the major capital cities more efficient, and we’re proud to have continued normal service to the more remote, regional areas of Australia to ensure they aren’t cut off during this time.

Our international freight services have been impacted the most but we’re already now seeing export orders slowly return, particularly from China.”

Article by Cameron England, Business Editor.