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    2 July 2024

    Former graduate, Tristan Wait secures full-time position with Northline

    Having recently completed Northline’s 2023 Graduate Program and now employed as a National HSEQ and Compliance Officer for Northline, Tristan shares what it was like to be a graduate at Northline…

    You said you were most looking forward to your Finance and Sales rotations. Did this turn out to be the case?

    I enjoyed both rotations but especially Sales. I loved building relationships with our customers. And actually, during the Graduate Program I learnt that one of my biggest strengths is my ability to problem solve. I enjoyed finding the best solutions for each customer, based on their needs. Being part of the Internal Sales team itself was great. I found them to be the tightest team and they operate so well as a unit, it was very impressive.

    With my Customer Service and Sales background, I knew I would enjoy those rotations to some extent but I certainly didn’t start the program thinking that I’d end up in Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ)!

    A big part of the Graduate Program is learning to become flexible and adaptable, especially in such a fast-moving industry. And because of that, I had the opportunity to spend more time in HSEQ which really solidified that the department was the right fit for me.

    Can you describe your new role as National HSEQ and Compliance Officer?

    Within this role, every day is different. I could be looking out for the health and wellbeing of Northline employees, checking the way we operate complies with current laws or even to monitoring our environmental impacts. There are so many different facets to the role. It appeals to me because it’s a continuous improvement as opposed to ticking items off a list. In this position, I feel like I have the opportunity to help move the business forward.

    Getting this role was a “sliding doors moment”. I had recently completed my HSEQ rotation and expressed my interest in choosing the department as my elective and to potentially join the team. A month or two later, I saw this position had become available, and the rest is history so to speak.