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    18 July 2022

    Q&A with Graduate Nicola South

    Nicola South joined Northline’s Graduate Program in 2022 after finishing her degree in Tasmania. We sat down with her to see how she has been enjoying her work experience so far.

    What did you study at university?
    I studied a bachelor of Global Logistics and Maritime Management, at the Australian Maritime University in Tasmania.  

    Why did you apply to the graduate program?
    I was drawn to the company’s values and family aspects and that industry absolutely blows my mind. Take a simple piece of paper with writing on, its journey from where the printer was assembled to where the ink was made, down to the box that the ink cartridge to sold in, the journey is so fascinating.  

    What do you hope to achieve during your time at Northline?
    My degree gave me a great overview of the industry but I wanted to gain real-life work experience to really understand which aspects of the industry I enjoy most.

    What department are you looking forward to the most?
    I have been loving warehousing and actually just asked for an extra week because I absolutely love the team here and have built such good relationships. But mostly I’m looking forward to my rotation in International Freight Management, which is the most relevant to my degree.

    What has been your favourite moment at Northline?
    I was able to run country carriers. It was challenging and scary but exciting and I really appreciated the work experience. I had support from the team, they helped me so much.

    Where do you see yourself at the end of our program?
    Hopefully in a permanent job at Northline where I can progress! I’m a believer in company loyalty, my last job was 11 years. There’s an amazing support system in place and a really good work-life balance.

    Nicola South and other graduates gaining work experience at Northline's National Service Centre.