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    30 August 2023

    How U Pack It was established

    In 1997 Northline’s U Pack It moving service was established.

    The name, U Pack It, was created out of simplicity – the customer packs their belongings without worrying about transportation.

    Having built strong relationships with loyal customers across Australia, Northline was approached (on more than one occasion) about ways to move from Darwin to Adelaide without breaking the bank.

    That’s when Northline had the lightbulb moment to provide their shipping containers for movers to utilise instead of containers returning to Adelaide empty, making it an economical alternative to traditional removalist companies.

    Starting at Adelaide’s Days Road depot, the service grew and spread into more and more states as populations grew.

    By 2005, the service had become so popular that Northline created a specific team to manage U Pack It services.

    To this day, the service moves approximately 100 containers each year. 

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