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    10 June 2024

    Meet Graduate Mael Pigault

    After graduating with a degree in Global Logistics and Maritime Management, Mael Pigault applied for Northline’s 2024 Graduate Program so that he could put what he learnt into practice.

    Find out more about Mael and his thoughts on the program so far…

    Why did you apply to the Northline Graduate Program?

    I applied for the Graduate Program to gain real-life experience – theory and practice are two very different things. I went to university with a previous Northline graduate, Nicola South and I can remember her talking about Northline, their values and what the business is about.

    When I entered my final year at university, I looked into Northline more to see if my values and my objectives aligned with what their Graduate Program offered, and it was a strong yes for me when I first applied.

    What do you hope to achieve during your time at Northline?

    Gain experience and hope to become one of the most reliable employees in the company. I want to be able to learn the ins and outs of the business, it would be great to become a ‘go-to’ person for knowledge and be able to help people if they are struggling or facing a challenge throughout tasks.

    What department are you looking forward to working in the most? (Past or future)

    The Warehouse department has been the most enjoyable rotation so far, the team is amazing. But I am looking forward to working with the International Freight Management team later this year.

    What has been your favourite moment at Northline so far?

    It has been great to meet many different people throughout my rotations. Everyone at Northline is amazing and incredibly supportive, and it is such a nice feeling to know that you can talk to anyone and everyone.

    What are your plans for after the program?

    At this stage, I would love to pursue an opportunity within the International Freight Management department – to help them grow even bigger and create more opportunities for Northline to expand into new markets.