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    26 April 2018

    Northline Turns 35!

    Over the last 35 years, Northline has been on a journey of growth and expansion to become an Australian based, but truly international transport and logistics company with reach across the globe.

    Today, Northline operate a state-of-the-art Australian multi-modal transport and 13-branch national warehousing network to provide customers with an efficient, cost-effective and reliable partner.

    This domestic network is connected into key markets around the world through tailored, fully integrated solutions.

    1983 was an eventful year in Australia’s history. Australia II won the America’s Cup, Bob Hawke became the country’s new Prime Minister and Nicole Kidman came to international attention as the star of BMX Bandits.

    It was also the year that a fledgling but ambitious transport company called Northline came into being, specialising in servicing northern Australia.

    Despite significant growth and expansion over the last 35 years, Northline remains a proudly Australian, privately owned company investing in people, our customers and the communities in which we operate.

    Northline would like to take this opportunity to thank all our valued customers. Without your support over the last 35 years, we would not have grown into the company we are today.