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    13 December 2023

    Proud delivery partner for Good360 Australia

    Northline has partnered with not-for-profit organisation Good360 Australia, providing ongoing logistics assistance.

    To date, Northline has delivered 186 pallets to 56 members (including charities and disadvantaged schools) across four states, delivering a total of $1.8 million worth of goods – that’s 88,874 individual items. Typically, these donated goods consist of surplus items that may have eventually gone to landfill, representing a very significant environmental and social impact.

    Northline’s support has also meant that Good360 can now expand its service further and into more remote regions where costs were previously so high that they were prohibited. So far, Northline has delivered goods to the Northern Territory, north Queensland, Western Australia, and South Australia.

    Good360 Australia exists to reduce waste and support people living below the poverty line by connecting them with brand-new unsold goods, helping both businesses and people in need using a ‘Circle of Good’ model, where everyone benefits.

    Good360 Australia connects charities, schools, and the vulnerable with businesses willing to donate unsold or surplus goods, services, and disaster recovery essentials.

    Northline’s involvement in providing logistics support and redirecting these goods meets its business model and helps to achieve fewer greenhouse gas emissions by providing sustainable solutions and preventing brand-new goods from going to waste.

    Northline is extremely proud to be working with Good360 Australia and together demonstrate a commitment to sustainable principles and social impact at the same time.

    If you or your customer has a product suitable to donate to Good360 on a once-off or ongoing basis, we would love to hear from you. Contact Ed Milham at [email protected].