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    21 May 2024

    Q&A with Arman Muhovic, Northlines Business Development Manager for International

    Please join us in welcoming Arman Muhovic, Business Development Manager – International Freight Management to Northline, based in Brisbane.

    Having worked in the logistics industry for eight years, Arman brings in-depth knowledge to Northline’s Queensland operation and is excited to be part of the business’s ongoing expansion into the international market.

    Arman discusses his motivation behind joining the team and his time with the business so far.

    What attracted you to Northline, and the role?

    I’ve been in international logistics for eight years now and, over the last year or two I have been hearing more about Northline investing internationally which made me want to come across and assist in the international growth.

    I thought to myself – if Northline already has this huge pool of domestic customers that love them, then there’s going to be huge potential to help the business grow and expand in the international market. That’s something I would be proud to be part of.

    I’m excited to be here and to hopefully play a key part in the expansion of international throughout Queensland.

    What type of industries/roles have you worked in before?

    Prior to starting my role at Northline, I have always worked within the logistics industry in a sales capacity, so account management and business development roles.

    I have worked for multiple transport providers, and during my career, I have tried to learn all facets of the supply chain from air express to Less than Container Load (LCL), sea freight, customs clearance and warehousing so that I could get a huge scope of everything and really learn the entire process from start to finish.

    Can you describe your role?

    A lot of people can mistake sales roles or business development roles for a “sign up, get shipping and see you later”, but there’s so much more to it. It’s about being very customer-centric, even if the prospect isn’t yet a customer, you have to stay in the forefront of their mind. For example, visiting the customer and offering advice, building a relationship with them so that when the day comes that they need to move their freight internationally or switch service providers they know they can rely on Northline to deliver. It’s not just about transactions, it’s about relationships and trust, letting the customer know that we’re in this together.

    I’m looking forward to getting to know all of our domestic customers, understanding how they operate and how they import their goods and then identifying how Northline can help.

    What has been your favourite aspect since joining the business?

    My team for sure, everyone has been very supportive, including my colleagues at the Brisbane depot who have been really welcoming. Rob Baigent (General Manager – International Freight Management), is an excellent mentor and I have already learnt so much from him. Rob really thinks “outside the square”. We will both look at the same problem and come up with two different solutions, so it has been great to pick his brains and learn more about how he thinks.

    The technology and tools Northline uses are also great. There’s visibility of shipments which promotes a real honest environment. We’re able to track shipments and understand how they’re progressing, if there are any gaps or trends to help us optimise our business and the customer’s business. We’re able to constantly monitor and assess the situation.

    What sets Northline apart from other logistics businesses?

    Without a doubt, our domestic network!

    Let’s say you have 20 freight forwarders that are all importing at roughly the same price, timeframe, and process, what happens once the shipment gets to Australia, how do you set yourself apart?

    Northline has been around for such a long time, they have one of the best domestic networks I’ve come across, with reach into really remote areas and solid foundations nationwide.

    That’s how we set ourselves apart from our competitors.

    We have incredible reach into all corners of Australia and a team who have been in the business for decades. In my opinion, you pair that with our international capabilities, that’s what makes us champions.

    Tell us more about yourself.

    Well, I’m originally from Bosnia and first moved to Tasmania post-war when I was a child. After a few years in Tasmania, my family and I moved to Brisbane where we have lived since.

    I’m a bit of a workaholic so if I’m not working, you can find me either playing soccer or doing youth work at my local mosque.

    I have been volunteering with the mosque for around three years now. It’s a really rewarding experience to act as a role model for young men and to help them find productive ways to spend their time, instead of them getting up to no good like a lot of 16-24-year-olds could do! We have a great turnout every week where we teach them to play soccer, basketball, all types of sports really.