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    16 October 2023

    Q&A with Graduate Al Tashdid Siddiquee

    During Al Tashdid’s (Tash) time studying at university, he had a vision of gaining ‘on-the-job’ experience to further enhance his career. Tash talks about how he has found Northline’s Graduate Program and his plans for the future.

    What did you study at university?

    I have a Diploma in Commerce and I have also completed a Bachelor of Business Major in Accounting at the University of Tasmania.

    Why did you apply to the graduate program?

    I always had a dream while studying to gain ‘on-the-job’ experience during a graduate program. I think it is the best pathway to build your dream career. Before applying, I had been working in Logistics and Warehousing for almost four years and in that time, I got to know how big the Northline name is. Northline is one of the most renowned companies in Australia in terms of Transport and Logistics. When I had the opportunity to apply for a graduate position at Northline, there were no second thoughts and I applied instantly.

    What do you hope to achieve during your time at Northline?

    I want to shape my future career through this opportunity by learning each part of the company and to explore all aspects of the industry. I intend to enhance my skills through learning from my fellow colleagues and Northline’s leaders and by educating myself with the systems and policies of the company to help me reach my goals. Working in a company like Northline will help to grow my self-confidence and self-esteem. Gaining knowledge about each and every part of the company will develop my problem-solving skills along with interpersonal skills and teamwork.

    What department are you looking forward to the most?

    I am interested to work in the Finance department. I love numbers, hence my accounting degree! However, there are a few other departments I am looking forward to such as Sales, Business Development, Accounts, and Administration. Going forward, I am looking to find the right department for me. I am also looking forward to working in Operations as I have experience in this area already.

    What has been your favourite moment at Northline so far?

    My favourite moment so far was meeting Northline’s CEO, Craige Whitton. It was one of the best moments of my whole life. I never would have imagined that I would get to meet the CEO in my interviews! I think it is a very rare quality that someone in that position would be interested in a graduate. It was a very motivational moment.

    Along with that, I will never forget the welcome I received from everyone on my first day, I was warmly welcomed as a part of the Northline family. Another nice moment was when I finished my first rotation in Customer Service successfully, the team organised lunch for everyone and congratulated me. It is just one example of how much Northline cares for its employees.

    Where do you see yourself at the end of our program?

    After the program, I would love to continue working for Northline. I plan on using all the knowledge and skills that I will gather from the program and use them for the propriety of Northline. Any opportunity I find within Northline and if any position is offered to me, I would really love to accept the chance to grow more within the company.