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    20 June 2023

    Servicing the Northern Territory for 40 years

    By 1985, business was booming for Northline. They opened the doors of their Alice Springs depot and then subsequently operations in Katherine and Tennant Creek. All three facilities provide a strategic gateway between Adelaide and Darwin.

    At this time, all land-based transport from Alice Springs to Darwin was by road, with no direct rail link between the two cities, while only some freight travelled by rail from Adelaide to Alice Springs.

    Northline confirmed its long-term commitment to the Northern Territory in 2008 by establishing a depot at the Katherine Rail Terminal. The facility created a local hub for road, rail, and intermodal operations, providing a full-service presence in Katherine.

    By having locals run the Katherine operation, Northline was able to offer the best of both worlds – local knowledge combined with access to an international freight network.

    Flash forward to 2017 when in a win of victory, the humble Alice Springs depot was awarded ‘Branch of the Year’ for two years running (2017-2019) for their consistent hard work and customer delight.

    Since then, Northline has proudly supported the Walk a While Foundation by transporting goods to Alice Springs and the National Road Transport Hall of Fame in 2020 by assisting with new roadside signage.

    Northline has had a 1981 Ford Louisville Prime Mover displayed in the Hall of Fame’s truck museum since 2013.