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    13 August 2023

    The beginning of Broome

    In the early 2000s, Northline saw increasing volumes of work coming out of Western Australia, especially from Perth to Darwin. They partnered with service provider Dean Wilson Transport to accommodate this work, and by 2009, the company had more than enough business to lease their own place on Port Drive, Broome.

    Prior to this, Northline had announced that they would launch its first express service to Broome, opening the northwest of Australia to quicker, more cost-effective and convenient freight services. The express service occurred in response to the flourishing economy in Northern Australia.

    At that time, Northline was one of very few freight companies to provide a single-haul service in and out of Broome. This link catered to the mining, oil and gas industries and set them apart, delivering to Australia’s more remote communities.

    Today, Northline operates from Archer Street through long-standing partner and service provider Dean Wilson Transport.