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    31 March 2023

    The Northline Journey

    Friendship, loyalty, hard work and determination have all played a part in the evolution of Northline.

    Privately-owned, Northline started operating in March 1983, a time where the transport industry in the Northern Territory was dominated by a small group of companies.

    In the early 80’s, even though Darwin was still re-building after 1974’s tragic Cyclone Tracey, the region was on the cusp of a mining and resources boom.

    At this time, there was a huge potential to start a logistics business that specialised in servicing northern Australia with an opportunity to provide a freight service that no one else was offering, something more than delivering products from A to B.

    Understanding the potential and pitfalls of operating in this market and knowing that it came with its own set of rules, Northline began to form strong connections within the industry, making a compelling business case for a new logistics company.

    And thus, with a small team that shared the same vision Northline was established.